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Google Ads Lead Generation

You are familiar with Google Ads and have excellent outcomes from your campaigns. Your website appears on the first page and you have many clicks and visits on your website.

But here are the problems…It seems that :

  • your traffic is not qualified enough,
  • you do not have conversions,
  • the cost of your conversions remains very high, and so on…

Fortunately, we are here to help to understand why you don’t get more from your investment.
Among the services we are able to provide, we could propose:

  • to audit of your Google Ads account and your campaigns,
  • to propose improvements to put in place so you can expect more efficient campaigns,
  • to implement our recommandations,
  • to provide you with a monthly report of your campaigns.


Document with our recommandations to improve your Google Ads account

Video call to present the results of the audit

Monthly report or skills transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your experts Google certified?

Yes, our experts are Google-certified and receive trainings on a regular basis to improve their skills.

Will our SEO improve if we run Google Ads campaigns?

According to Google and to our experience, SEO and SEA (paid advertising) are not linked to each other. Improving your SEO on Google will not improve your SEA automatically.

How much does it cost to advert with Google Ads?

In order to set a Google Ads budget, we need to do some research on the requests that will display your ads. But that’s just the theory. In practice, we advise our clients to start with a large budget and adjust them according to the obtained results during the optimization of the campaign. But the definition of a daily budget and our expertise in Google Ads will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses.
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