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Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

Sales prospecting is no longer effective for companies because customer buying behaviors are changing and evolving on a regular basis. A potential customer refers to the Internet to obtain information and will contact a potential provider later. Consequently, a company must be present on the Internet during this research phase through contents that should be organized with an Inbound marketing approach.


Marketing automation allows you to automate the “nurturing” of your targets. The implementation of this technique is truly valuable to increase the quantity and the quality of your lead generation but it requires to regularly produce marketing contents.

This approach is very effective to increase interest and need for your services or products, demonstrate your expertise and generate leads.

Inbound Marketing


Information and Analysis
Gathering information about your offering, your targets and your competition
Understanding the value proposal of your offers
Analysis of your website and your current marketing actions
Analysis of your website traffic through Google Analytics, Google Search Console and others
Definition of your qualified lead generation objectives
Definition of your marketing personas
Definition of your content marketing editorial planning
Specification of the modifications to be made on the website
Specification of the editorial monitoring and the tools to be used for
Specification of the promotion tools for your marketing contents (SEO, SEA, SMA, Emailing, Social Networks)
Specification of conversion funnels and automation scenarios
Specification of the performance indicators to be followed and the tools for this purpose
Implementation of all the elements as specified in phase #2


Content marketing editorial planning and selection of the promotional tools

Marketing resources implemented and validated

Marketing Automation


Preliminary Work
Gathering information about your offering, your targets and your competition
Understanding the value proposal of your offers
Understanding your marketing personas
Analysis of your contacts database
Analysis of your content marketing editorial planning
Choosing your marketing automation tool
Presentation and advice on the choice of the marketing automation tool to be implemented according to your context
Marketing automation tool and scenarios set-up
Technical configuration: specification and qualification of your contacts database
Specification and creation of forms
Specification of automated scenarios
Implementation of the automation scenarios
Creation and test of the marketing automation scenarios


Document to set up the automation marketing solution and its scenarios

Marketing automation tool implemented and set

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy which consists of creating relevant content to attract more visitors to your website, landing pages, etc… The objective is to identify qualified leads (MQL, Marketing Qualified Leads) among all the visitors and to turn them into SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) in order to convert them into customers. But that’s not onty that. The next step is to identify real ambassadors for your company among these satisfied customers…

Are there any prerequisites to implement inbound and marketing automation?

Yes, Inbound and marketing automation require a maturity level of your company. You will need these elements:

  • an optimized SEO and up-to-date website with an accurate positioning where the targets can recognize themselves
  • well identified personas
  • a qualified database
  • a well-defined content strategy

If you have gaps in any of these aspects, do not hesitate to contact us. There is always a first step to make and we will support you.

Do you have a neutral opinion on the marketing automation tools or will you only propose your partners?

We strongly believe that choosing a marketing automation tool is crucial. Its implementation is often time-consuming and we cannot afford to make a mistake. That is why we take into account all the factors (maturity of your company, how you will use it, your budget, etc…) to guide you through this process with full transparency.

How long does it take to get results from Inbound marketing and automation?

If you have read the previous questions, you have understood that the Inbound strategy is not done in a week or a month. A lot of time is needed to define the personas, the content strategy, the communication channels, to choose and implement your automation tool, to reflect on the workflow and so on… But don’t be afraid, we are here to assist you on each step of this exciting project that will pay off!
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