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SEO Analysis
SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists in improving the positioning of a website in the search results pages of Google and other search engines, in order to increase qualified traffic.
Search Engine Optimization is a profitable approach in the long term but it requires a lot of time to be implemented. It is important to write content. But most of the time, you don’t have time enough to do it once your activity is launched and you need to manage many different tasks. That is why our experts can perform these optimizations and actions for you, or simply advise you if you have in-house ressources to implement them.


Document with our recommandations to improve your website

Video call to present the results of the audit

Detailed editorial planning according to the chosen key expressions

Specifications and implementation of the Netlinking

Regular monitoring of your website’s performance on Google

Skills transfer (training)

Frequently Asked Questions

In practice, how will you proceed to improve our SEO?

Play Creative Lab experts start every SEO project with a client brief. Then, we will conduct an audit of your positioning that will define the works to be done. After that, on-site and off-site SEO techniques are put in place to ensure the best results.

Do you think our SEO will improve if we run Google Ads campaigns?

According to Google and to our experience, SEO and SEA (paid advertising) are not linked to each other. Improving your SEA on Google will not improve your SEO automatically.

Could we be autonomous to maintain our SEO positions once the collaboration with your agency is over?

We always offer our clients a training session so they will be autonomous to keep running their campaigns.

How long does it take to see the first results from SEO?

With more than 200 optimization criteria, SEO takes time. Several months are necessary to see the first positive results. If an agency promises effective results within a few weeks, run away!
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