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Infographic designs have become an increasingly popular tool to convey important information to customers. In this article, we will give you some of the best practices to ensure your infographics will reach effectively to your audience.

1. Find The Catchy Title

The title of your infographics should be descriptive to draw and hold attention about what your infographics is about, so your audience can instantly decide whether or not to read further. Your title should be brief and concise and set in big or bold headline.

2. Focus On The Essentials

As space for content is limited, you should focus mainly on the key points or key steps of your message. You can start by listing your different steps with numbered boxes or arrows to guide your readers to the right direction.

3. Choose The Appropriate Chart Type For Your Data

You need to decide what kind of data you are highlighting. Is it a single number? Are you comparing data or results? Is it a moving data or trend? The commonly used types of charts are pie charts, bar graphics, column graphics and line charts. A trend over time will be effectively represented with a line chart while a columns will be more suitable to compare data.

4. Make It Beautiful

Your infographic design has to be pleasant and eye-catching. In this step, you have to utilize some graphic design principles. For example, use contrasting typography sizes to guide the reader’s eye to the points you want to show. Title, subheader, and body type should be sized accordingly.

For the colors, the basic rule is to design with 2 or 3 main colors and the rest with minor colors if necessary. If your company has a brand identity manual, you have to stick to your corporate brand colors especially if you intend to display your logo. You can also use photos in your design, but make sure that the images are relevant to the message.

5. Consistency Is The Key

The design elements should be consistent. Such as icons, images, font styles and color palette. Not doing so will make your infographic design look cluttered and you might loose your reader’s attention.

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