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People are watching videos anytime and anywhere, thanks to all the screens available on our mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and personal computers. Motion graphics and videos are part of our lifestyle. Thus, potential customers can be targeted at any time and anywhere.

1. Value your image

If your video is well done, the image of your company will be impacted in a positive way. You will be able to use it to attract potential investors, press release, or for example, during a fair trade or exhibition or any event to introduce your company in a very appealing way. A promotional video will help to convey a modern and dynamic image of your organization.

2. Win the web

Information has to come quickly. If you plan to introduce your company with photos and a long speech… this is going to be boring for your audience. You better go with a high quality video to show off your company, with a voice over of the management or hire a professional voice talent. A video displayed in the home page of your website will be much more efficient than any article of your page or blog. Also sharing this video on social media networks will have a stronger impact. If you add a button «Call To Action» to get more information or take advantage of an offer or invite them to visit your website, viewers might become potential customers!.

3. Help your sale forces

Video presentation is a powerful tool to help your sales force to market and sell your services or products. The video will only focus on your key points and key messages. It will reflect the professionalism of your team and company, thus making the people keen to work with you. Simple and accurate business arguments in your video will invite the people to get to know more and with the possibility of contacting your sales managers for further inquiries.

4. Improve your SEO

Your visibility on the internet and social media platforms is a key factor for your organic page ranking. If you can display and share your videos all over internet, you can improve your notoriety. Google algorithm boosts media support such as photos and videos and make them appear in an outstanding way on your screen mobile phone.

5. Save money

Promotional video is an important investment, but at the end, this can also help you save some money. Your video can replace your traditional brochures or flyers so that you don’t need to print and bring them anywhere. Posting a video on social media such as Youtube and Facebook is totally free and the price for boosting a video is nothing compared with the price on TV or other traditional media which are usually expensive.

So are you ready now to get your promotional video?

We are here to help you out to define your goals and target your audience efficiently.

Come and discuss with us to know more about our work process.

See you soon!


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