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You may ask yourself “why do I need animated videos?” or “are there any benefits of using animation for my business?”. In short, yes.

Have you ever tried to explain a complex idea to someone and found that it’s too difficult? This can be frustrating and often gives up on the idea of trying to get your message across. This is where animated video also comes in handy! Animated video can give more details, factor in emotion, and have a memorable storyline that draws the attention of your viewers. By using animated video for marketing, you can help to communicate complex ideas and make a lasting impression on your audience.

By using animated videos, businesses and organizations can do away with the ineffective, tedious and lengthy process of explaining their products or services. Animated videos are now being used in various industries to capture more audiences without losing customers’ interest. It is no longer an option but rather a necessity due to its worth as an effective marketing tool.

Our world has become so fast paced and busy, it is more important than ever to find ways to improve your brand visibility and create strong impressions about your business. Animated videos are always great fun to do and watch, and it’s handy when you can’t afford expensive film productions. An interesting and eye grabbing video is a great way to attract visual attention of your target audience and make them stay on your page longer.

We have explored some of the most important benefits that explain why an animated video is a great marketing tool. Some of these reasons include:

• Helps in increasing brand awareness and improving customer engagement
• Helps increase your brand credibility by narrating a story that matters to your audiences
• Helps explain complex topics in a fun, educational and memorable way
• Your audience will remember what you want them to remember—and take action
• Cheaper than expensive video productions
• It can communicate better than words

To wrap it all up, a private business, nonprofit organization, or an NGO can use animated videos to get their brand and mission across. You can be confident in conveying the message of your brand or cause, and provide the most information in the shortest time. Animated videos are not only fun, they also have the power to get brands across better, faster and more importantly…easier

To create an animated video, there is a well established process that needs to be followed.

Like for any video project, a script has to be carefully written first, then a storyboard (document that will show the animation scene by scene) and a style frame (to show what the video will look like) have to be validated before the production phase definitely starts.

We need to strictly respect these different steps in order to meet your objectives, budget and deadlines.

Let’s reach your goals together. We blend art and technology to develop breakthrough creative that builds engagement and drives results. Contact Play Creative Lab today and let us help you in making your ideas happen!

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