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More than ever this year, content marketing is playing a key role in your marketing efforts. If you want to increase your audience and leads opportunities, you can definitely not avoid investing on useful and valuable content for your target customers. To do so, you have to research and plan your content strategy while focusing your efforts with visual communication.

#1. Video Content dominates across the Web

Today, there is no need to convince you about the importance of a video content. Indeed, video streaming accounts for more than 60% of all internet traffic worldwide.

People would rather watch a video presentation or explainer video than read a long article on a topic because it is more simple, convenient and easier to digest. It is also drawing more attention to your messages so you cannot overlook this type of content. Data prove that this format is worth your investment in time and money as it is definitely efficient in your marketing efforts and strategy.

#2. Storytelling is so captivating

For many years now, ephemeral content is short-lived content that are used more and more (such as Instagram Stories). The user’s attention span is around 8 seconds. This very short amount of time can explain why the ephemeral content are so relevant. They are engaging, dynamic and quite addicting to watch.

However, the blooming trend this year is storytelling. But what is a storytelling? Storytelling is about creating a series of engaging stories that are connected to each other so they tell a story to your viewers. It is more efficient to win the attention of your audience and improve your brand awareness for generating more leads and sales.

#3. Interactive Email Marketing is attractive

Users receive so many emails and information. If you do not want your email to look like any others, you can try adding interactivity to your newsletters. Interactive content is a content that encourages the reader to interact with you by tapping or clicking on so the relationship with your potential customers can start. In order to get these actions, you can use animated ads, gifs or videos. You will increase the odds the user will click on your links and open your website.

#4. SEO Around YOU

According to BrightEdge, almost 70% of the online experiences start with Google. Even if social media seems to dominate the web, users and potential customers still rely on Google to search for a service or a product.

But how can you bring this organic traffic to your website? If you are a local business, you should pay attention to local search engine optimization, putting your efforts into optimizing your website with location-based keywords.

The equivalent of local SEO for social media platforms is location-based targeting. In a concrete way, each post is tagged with a different location so it can reach people in different areas or even countries. Changing the geolocation of your publications will help to appeal to more people.

#5. User-Generated Content is no more an option

When considering a purchase, many of us will mainly trust other users and their feedback and experience that are seen as more reliable and genuine than regular ads. For a business, it might be relevant to create page on the website that is totally dedicated to feedback from clients. So the company can reply to their comments and add them on its FB page to increase the followers.

Also, you should consider user-generated content (UGC). Let your audience create their own content related to your products and services so you can interact with them. Your best clients will help you to engage with potential clients as they will share their own posts like images, videos, or stories. You can encourage them by organizing different contests and giveaways.

So are you ready to boost your interaction with customers? We can help you with content marketing in line with your strategy.

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