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Graphic Design

Play Creative Lab offers Graphic Design service. We will provide you with professionally made artworks that will suit your corporate communication needs. Whether you need them for print or for digital media, our work is fully oriented to elevate your brand image professionally in any kind of touch points.


Our Graphic Design services mainly consist of:

• Corporate Communication: Company profile, brochure, annual report, white paper, case study…

• Graphics for Web: Customized graphic design for your website, newsletter/emailing for a better user experience and visual interface for your audience.

• Custom Graphic Design: Illustrations, character design, mascot design, infographics…


Good graphic design creates a great impression. The use of professionally made graphics can help make your business look more professional. This helps in building trust and credibility, which are highly important to any businesses.


Words or texts alone will not be sufficient in communication. Great example for this is the collection of hard to digest raw data. With the help of graphic design, these data can be designed with easy to understand and beautiful infographics.


In today’s ever-growing market place, it is necessary for a business to stand out. Investing in professional graphic design will definitely increase your chance of being seen. Good design will help establish your identity and brand.

Graphic Design Work Process

  • 1

    Client Brief

  • 2

    Research, Ideation, Sketches

  • 3

    Design Proposal

  • 4

    2 Rounds Revision

  • 5

    Client Approval

  • 6

    Final Delivery

Graphic Design Work Process Play Creative Lab Lyon France Vientiane Laos Creative Marketing Agency
Graphic Design Work Process Mobile Play Creative Lab Lyon France Vientiane Laos Creative Marketing Agency


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