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Website Development

Your digital presence should start with an efficient and optimized website. Having a professionally made website is vital for any company or organization who aims to grow and engage in digital competition.


As with any marketing touch points, your website design should be consistent with your brand, reflect your values, and should communicate efficiently to your prospects and clients.


First impressions last. Your website should be visually attractive at the first sight and must provide clear information about your business. These factors are crucial for the client to interact with you, buy your product/services, or endorse your company to their connections.


Play Creative Lab offers Website Development via WordPress. We will create a website that caters to your needs, follows your visual branding, and user-friendly for easy navigation.


Your website is one of the most powerful tool to increase your brand awareness. We will craft a website that meets your brand identity and your brand values, so it will be the online showcase of your world!


We always begin our website development with SEO in mind. SEO consists of techniques and rules to follow in order for the search engines to easily find your website, where it will draw people to visit your page.


If your website is easy to navigate, has a good performance, and helpful functionalities, you are on your way to have your visitors spend more time at your website. These factors coupled with great design helps bringing in customers.

Website Development Work Process

  • 1

    Client Brief

    To get infomation about the client's needs

  • 2

    Kickoff Meeting

    To validate the detailed specifications and Wordpress template design

  • 3

    Design Mock Ups

    Wireframe design to visualize the complete interface

  • 4

    Content Creation

    (Text, Graphic, Video, etc.)

  • 5

    Development Phase

  • 6

    Testing and Delivering

    Comprehensive tests are conducted to ensure that the website work properly and smoothly

  • 7

    Support and Maintenance

    Support and maintenance varies depending on the service package

Website Development Work Process
Website Development Work Process Mobile
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