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Facebook and Instagram Ads Lead Generation

Facebook and Instagram ads are effective for B2B as well as B2C businesses. You can promote your E-commerce site, products,  your corporate image, blog… Everyone can take advantage of Facebook Business Suite to generate traffic and qualified leads. The primary objective of these advertising campaigns is to create a client need (if necessary), demonstrate expertise through premium content, promote products, but also retarget known audiences.

Optimization, analysis and scaling of the campaigns guarantee efficient results for our clients.


Facebook Business Suite Set-Up

Facebook Pixel Installed

Customized ou Similar Audiences

Visual Advertising

Acquisition and Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Monthly Performance Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already launched campaigns on Facebook Ads but that was not satisfying. How could you help us?

Play Creative Lab experts always start by auditing your existing campaigns as well as your company’s positioning on Facebook and Instagram. This audit allows us to identify your weaknesses or errors quickly and then to set up better effective campaigns. Continuous optimization of the campaigns, monitoring and scaling will help to meet the expected results.

We do not have criteria enough to launch campaigns on Facebook Business Suite. What can we do?

Yes, you can still take advantage from Facebook and Instagram by using similar audiences. We’ll tell you more about that, contact us!

How about the content creation? Unfortunately, we cannot produce them by ourselves.

No worry about that. Our creative team is there to help you with designing any visuals, banners or for creating any animated videos you might need. Thes works will be processed while taking into account your visual identity.  You will be able to use these contents for your media campaigns or any other communication support.
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