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LinkedIn Ads Lead Generation

LinkedIn Ads is a marketing tool that is particularly valued by experienced marketers. It allows companies operating in B2B markets to generate traffic and qualified leads. The main objective of these advertising campaigns is the evangelism (if needed) and the demonstration of expertise through premium contents.
The continuous optimization of the campaigns and the scaling will guarantee efficient results for our clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have already launched campaigns on LinkedIn but that was not satisfying at all. How can you help us?

Play Creative Lab experts have a strong knowledge of the B2B markets. But not only! LinkedIn Ads algorithms are not a secret for us either! So we will go through all the steps, starting with an audit of your existing campaigns to the launch of new ones in order to get the expected results.

How long does a LinkedIn Ads campaign take? And how much does it cost?

A LinkedIn Ads campaign is often launched with the objective of demonstrating your expertise or for evangelism. We put forward expert premium content to reach the personas through their real problems. A campaign lasts between 15 days and 30 days. After this initial campain, it will be necessary to amend the visual / the catchphrase / the message.

Regarding the budget, we need to study your audiences before proposing an estimate.

We don't have criteria enough to build a customized audience on LinkedIn Ads. So is it relevant to advert with LinkedIn Ads?

Yes, you can still benefit from LinkedIn Ads by using Matched Audiences. To this end, you need to use your list of contacts/companies or you can create a similar audience. We will tell you more about it, contact us!
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