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The main goal of motion graphic video is about conveying a message or telling a story in an efficient manner. The goals can be about increasing your sales, give information about your company and its product/service offerings, or invite your audience to take some actions.

There are various kinds of motion graphic video and in this article we will tackle which type can suit perfectly to your needs. To summarize, motion graphics can be classified into 3 main categories.

1. Promotional Videos: To help sell a product or service

Your goal is to get more conversions from your audience when using a promotional video. In this case, your motion graphic will focus on all the details that help motivate a viewer to purchase your product or service.

2. Explainer Videos: To help define a concept, product or service

Concepts can be very complex sometimes and have to be explained clearly to make a non-specialist understand the key points of your message. If you happen to offer a specific product or service, then a video explainer is necessary for guiding your audience with clear details, simple technical explanations through successive steps.

3. Emotive Videos: Move your audience to feel something

You want to get from your viewer a powerful and emotional response and invite them to take a specific action. This could be done only if the story you are showing make them feel a special emotion. In this type of video, strong story telling is essential to achieve this.

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