What is motion graphic video and how it can help with your marketing? - Play Creative Lab

In today’s business, videos are a necessary promotional tool. Motion graphic video is an excellent option if you need to captivate your customer’s attention while communicating your important message in just a short amount of time.


In simple term, motion graphic is a technique of animating graphic design. It can also include videos, photos, voice-over, music and sound effects.

Motion graphic is Eye-catching, Trendy and makes the boring… Exciting!

ENGAGEMENT: Motion graphic video drives customer’s engagement higher because it is visual and audio. Your message and your brand can be remembered thus boosting your marketing results.

EASY INFORMATION: Motion graphic video can aid in making complicated topics easy to understand. You can turn complex data into a more visually appealing animated infographics. You can simplify the explanation of your business process or demonstrate the features of your product or service in a short amount of time.

BRAND RECOGNITION: The beauty with motion graphic is that we can craft a video that fits to your brand image. We can use your official corporate colors, fonts and visual style.


  • Products/Services video marketing
  • Corporate video presentation
  • Instructional/Demo video
  • Advertisement for digital billboard or digital signage


  1. Client Brief: We focus on getting to know the client’s business and their needs
  2. Storyboard: We propose a storyboard to show the idea, flow of information and script for the motion graphic work
  3. Production Phase: Once the storyboard is approved by the client, we then proceed with the graphic design, animation and adding the voice-over, background music and sound effects
  4. Deliverable: And when the work is completed, we send to the client final motion graphic video

With just a click of the play button, you’re on your way to more engaging content for your customers. But to create a compelling and professional motion graphic video, it takes a level of expertise and knowledge of animation, graphic design and branding principles.

And in this matter, Play Creative Lab is here to help you with that.

Join us in our playground! Contact us today and let’s bring your success in motion!

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